Causes of Erection Problems
Peyronies Disease

causes of erection problems

“What are the causes of erection problems if I have Peyronies Disease? And, what kind of treatments do I need?”

It’s a most common question.

The answer:


That’s right. You probably need no other Peyronies disease treatments other than straightening out your penis. That will end 99% of erectile dysfunction caused by a bent penis.

Here’s why:

“Oh No!

Not Only Is My Penis Bending,
I Now Have
Erectile Dysfunction...”

Sound familiar?

That is one of the most common statements from men who have developed a bent penis and are wondering about the causes of erection problems.

“Because, this developed bending

will cause most men some kind of erectile problem.”

You are not alone. And, you probably don’t need any kind of special treatment. You just need to straighten out your erections. That is almost always where we find the causes of erection problems for men with bent painful erections.

That’s all.

You Can Relax:
Here’s What Is Happening

When you develop a bent erection, 99% of the time the causes of erection problems are from Peyronies Disease.

As you probably learned, this kind of bending has absolutely nothing to do with “disease”. No, even thought the name says “disease”, it is not a disease at all.

It comes from simple scar/plaque formation inside your shaft on one or more of your erectile chambers.

causes of erection problems during peyronies disease

causes of erection problems from internal scar tissue

No scar is a “disease”. A scar is a scar. And, that is all it is.

If you cut you hand with a knife and it heals up, you see a scar. Is that a disease? Of course not.

The scarring inside your shaft, that makes your hard cock bend, are no different. But this scarring can be the reason for all the causes of erection problems with Peyronies disease.

“But, I Never Cut My Penis”

Of course not. The scar is inside your shaft. And, it’s almost never from a cut. It is from a tear.

It’s from a tear you probably never realized you got.

And, one that maybe happened 20 - 30 years ago when you were having some rough or super exciting sex and your hard cock got bent just a little. You probably didn’t even know anything happened in there.

Yes, 20 - 30 years ago!

So, Why Is It Bending Now?

causes of erection problems with a bent penis

The reason your cock has started bending now is that about 5% of us men have significant scar hardening as we get into mid life.

That is what is causing this current nightmare. And, the probable causes of erection problems you suddenly developed.

The scar hardening is also probably a genetic advantage. Just not in your penis. The harder scars are stronger.

causes of erection problems with peyronies disease #2

However, the harder scar will not stretch like normal tissue.

So, during erection it will not stretch like the rest of your erectile chambers. And, it makes your cock bend. That's why it is a problem here and nowhere else.

It pulls your erection in it’s direction when you are hard.

Yes, that is ALL there is to this horrible bending 99.99% of the time.

If you feel your bending is so severe and so painful that you are in that 0.01%, you are most likely wrong.

Even the ugliest most painful bend
is usually easy to fix 99.99% of the time.

Without: Surgery, Injections, or Drugs.

That’s right. If you just stretch those scars out enough, you erection will be decently straight again.

And, that straightening will remove the causes of erection problems men get from a bending penis 99% of the time.

Straightening A Bent Penis
99.99% Of The Time

Are you feeling a little better now? A little more hopeful?

I hope so. Because, straightening a bent penis is so easy for 99.99% of men who develop this condition.

I’ll explain more about that soon.

Here Are
The Causes of Erection Problems
With A Bent Penis

Now, let me get back to the causes of erection problems when you develop a bent penis.

First:  Negative emotions.

Your penis is totally a nightmare to you right now. Admit it. Freely. It is. Right?

Do you feel like a freak? I did. No one develops a bender and says: “Oh great. Look at this! Wow! Fantastic! My penis looks totally deformed! I’m so happy.”

No. It’s personally horrifying, embarrassing, and humiliating.

Are any of those sexually stimulating emotions? Of course not. Those negative emotions are all erection killers. And, they make you feel depressed. Am I right?

Once this cycle starts, it becomes more and more difficult to get hard.

Second:  Sexual pressure.

We all know what that is. Right?

The demand or necessity "to perform". To get rock hard and last long. It's the #1 sexual killer in healthy men.

Your lack of erectile success causes huge sexual pressure to get hard the next time. Am I right?

Sexual pressure is another super famous cause of psychological erectile dysfunction.

Third:  Psychological erectile dysfunction.

If you have any kind of pain or discomfort when you get hard, your brain remembers it.

Your natural instinct is to survive. To avoid pain. These are basic instincts. Don’t disregard their power.

Your brain is now telling your body: “Uh oh. Pain with erection. Make the erection softer. Or, don’t let it happen at all. Avoid pain.

So now you have what is called: psychological erectile dysfunction. And, that is every bit as real as erectile dysfunction that comes from hormone problems or a weak sexual system.

You may be in fantastic shape otherwise.

But, your mind and basic survival instincts are killing you erections.

Fourth:  Habit.

Dancers call it muscle memory. Athletes call it the same thing. Common people usually just call it habit.

This is where your body responds without conscious thought from repetition. Habit. Training.

You have no muscles in your shaft, but it is the same physical response mechanism. Call it habit. Call it conditioning. Call it whatever you want.

Your body remembers things and follows patterns.

Especially survival patters. Namely, the avoidance of pain. After a few bad experiences in a row due to erectile pain, your body remembers this as "the natural response". And, it will try to repeat the pattern unless something changes.

The Vicious Cycle

After a few times of creating weak, “protective”, erectile dysfunction actions, for any reason, your body begins to get used to this new response as the norm. And, it continues doing this until it learns otherwise.

Every time you get a weak response when you are sexually stimulated, it reinforces the weak response.

This is why straightening will almost always correct these developed erectile problems in any man. Straightening removes all the causes of erection problems where they started.

Can you see how all those things add together to ruin your sexual ability?

And, can you now understand that the causes of erection problems here is really quite simple? Not medical in nature? Or, a health issue? And, easy to correct?

You Can Reverse and Remove This Cycle
It's Easy To Do

Yes, it's easy to do.

You are not alone. This weak erectile cycle happens to most of us who develop the bend. Especially if we have pain.

'Here's the good news:

"As your shaft straightens, and the pain leaves,

your self esteem and confidence return.

And 99% of the time, "like magic”,

your erectile dysfunction seems to just disappear!"

How nice is that!?

Is This Too Easy To Be True?

 -  Does that sound too easy to be true?

 -  Aren't the causes of erection problems here more complicated than this?

 -  Don’t you need some special expensive Peyronies Disease treatments?

No. No. And, no again. Not if you are like most all men who developed this problem.

Don’t believe me?

Try it out.

The clinically proven Safest and Most Effective Method of penis straightening is called correct traction.

Correct traction can work on the painful bending causes of erection problems very quickly. Often in a matter of weeks the pain will be gone.

Then, with continued use, it can straighten the bending and remove the other causes of erection problems from Peyronies disease, 99% of the time.

Correct traction is so good that it is now medically endorsed and recommended in 29 countries worldwide.

If you are like almost all of us who have gone through the nightmare of this bending problem, I think you’ll be more than pleasantly surprised. And, Amazed at how easily all these things resolve!

causes of erection problems with a bent penis

Traction takes a little time. But, this simple medically endorsed and recommended method can remove the causes of erection problems from penile bending in almost every case.

Be Well.....

~ William

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