Is Enzyme Therapy Effective
 Peyronies Disease Treatments?

Enzyme therapy is a wonderful natural healing aid for many different types of diseases. But, it’s just not very effective for straightening a bent penis.

For various other conditions, this form of treatment sometimes seems to bring miraculous results.

So, it is being tried over and over again, with various enzymatic products.

The problem is:  None of them are very effective for straightening a bent penis. And, this has been shown in the clinical trials.

"For effectively straightening
a bent or curved penis,

therapy using enzymes has failed in every clinical trial."

Every one.

Still, because of some very clever advertising, many men are trying enzyme therapy for straightening in hopes of a quick, cheap, and easy solution to their problem. So, these products are market heavily, especially on the internet.

Unfortunately the results just don’t meet hopes and expectations.

enzyme therapy for peyronies disease

Tell Me About The Products That Are Used

The enzymatic products most commonly used for Peyronies disease are called “proteolytics”. (Protein dissolvers.)

Proteolytic protein dissolvers have been shown to give some very good results in relieving or reducing conditions that include: pulmonary fibrosis, hardening of the arteries, uterine fibroid tumors, rheumatoid arthritis, fibrocystic disease in the female breast.

So, they try them for bending erections.

There are many. The ones most commonly used for penis curvature, that you can buy without prescription include:

 >  Serrapeptase

 >  Nattokinase

 >  Bromelain

“For Peyronies Disease Treatments,
enzyme therapy
has given only moderate partial results
in even the most successful cases.”

In other cases it has usually proven just plain worthless.

They Only Work For A Select Group Of Men

enzyme therapy for peyronies disease treatment

The best results obtained have given only about a 30-35% improvement.

And, that’s in the select group of men who can actually benefit at all from this form of treatment.

However: Not every man will even respond to this treatment. In fact most men don’t get much of a result at all.

Who Do They Work For?

Which kinds of men with a bent erection respond to this therapy?

It’s almost impossible to say. There is no set formula. It’s almost like telling someone at what age a man’s hair will turn grey.

In fact, with grey hair, you have a much greater chance of prediction simply because you can go by when other members of your family have turned grey.

With a bent penis, you usually will have no family history of successful treatments. One reason for that is treatments have only been available for a short number of years.
However, if you consider everyone recorded, who has used enzyme therapy as their Peyronies disease treatments, you will find the results marginal and extremely disappointing.

What About Using Enzyme Therapy
as a
Supplemental Aid To Correct Penis Traction?

Used as a supplement along with correct penis traction, may (and I stress the word “may”) help speed the traction process.

However, the traction process will be effective or not, with or without, the enzymes. So, why waste the money?

And: For 99% of men, correct traction can straighten a bent penis successfully all by itself.

Correct penis traction also will do the job in a Safer and More Effective way that any other method available. Including a risky penile surgery.

Enzyme Therapy Failed In Every Clinical Trial

Yes, for straightening erections, it failed in ever clinical trial. Unless, of course, you consider a 35% improvement a success.

35% is pretty poor in the results department. Do you agree? You're still really bent! And, this 35% improvement is the best they found you can expect from enzymatic therapy.

Also, that is: “If you are a certain case type”.

It Can Be Effective For Pain Relief

Enzyme therapy has shown to be effective in relieving the pain during erection for many men whose Peyronies is so severe that erections have become painful.

But, for straightening the bending or curving effectively?


Let’s forget about wasting our money in hopes of having poor results at best.

Why spend hundreds of dollars, and 18 months, on something that is only going to give small results when you can have really wonderful results with another methods that costs only about $300 and gives the clinically proven Safest AND Most Effective results normally in half the time?

Am I right?

OK. Then let’s get serious about getting the results we are looking for.

What About Those Great Advertisements?

That’s all they are. Expensive ads that hopefully will part you with your money.

It’s advertising... Please, take it with a grain of salt.

Here’s the reality:

"In the clinical trials on bent penises caused by Peyronies Disease, it took at least 18 months for the enzyme therapy to dissolve the associated fibrous plaque.

None of the penises reached a satisfactory degree of straightness with this therapy.”

How much more do we really need to know before going down this road? Right?

The Method That Has Been
Clinically Proven
Safest AND Most Effective

Now let's look at the penis straightening method, clinically proven the safest and most effective in the entire world: Correct Penis Traction.

enzyme therapy vs penis traction

“Correct penis traction will out perform enzyme therapy

for straightening all the time.”

The cost of correct traction is also about one quarter of what you will spend for the 18 month supply of enzymes you will use.

Correct traction also usually takes only 6 - 12 months.

So, Why Do Men Use It?

when enzyme therapy for peyronies disease treatment fails

So, why do some men try enzyme therapy for straightening their curvature?

  1)  Mostly because there are people who have a product they want to sell and the advertising is clever

  2)  Because, as a society, we want our answers to almost every physical problem in an easy to swallow pill form

  3)  We have become generally lazy and/or uninformed.

  4)  Or, we have been misinformed

  5)  We are suffering and we are vulnerable

There Is A Real Genuine Effective Answer
For 99% Of Us!

When your are bending at a 90 degree angle and your sex life is ruined, and possibly a lot of your self esteem is suffering, you want to believe the ads that advertise enzyme therapy. Right?

Take a few pills each day and everything is supposed to be OK...... And, who can blame you for hoping that works?

Don’t feel bad about this either.

I do the same thing far too often. As many of us do.

We’re all human. We all want quick easy answers. I mean it would just be plain stupidity to want difficult answers that take a supremely long time. Right?

But, in this case, you must choose what has proven to work. And, you must pass on the things that give poor or no results, if you are going to get the real straightening you are looking for.

Even though there is no enzyme therapy answer to straightening bent erections, there is a real, genuine, effective answer for 99% of us. Yes, 99%.

Correct traction.

The best solution available. And, correct penis traction, is:

  • Very simple

  • Quite easy

  • Extremely affordable for virtually any normal man

  • Highly effective

  • Guaranteed

Do Yourself A Favor

Do yourself a favor. Forget about enzyme therapy for penis straightening. Especially because you now know what has been clinically proven to be safest and most effective method.

You’ll never regret it.

Be Well.....

~ William

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