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X4 Labs

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X4 Labs is my own personal first choice for a penis traction device. It is simply the finest device available for straightening a bent penis. And, I have seen them all.

I Had A Bend
Just Like YOU!

For those of you who do not know me yet, I want to say “Hello” and introduce myself to you. My name is William Zmachinsky.

I know it sounds like bragging, but, as a credential, I am often considered the foremost writer on Natural men’s health. My articles are currently read about 3,000,000 times each year.

Other than that, I am just a guy like you who had a very disturbing bending problem.

In this article I want to tell you why I think X4 Labs has the best penis traction device available.

Getting The BEST Solution

There are so many issues that can be corrected naturally. Without risky expensive surgery, drugs, or injections. I believe those things should be saved for when they are necessary.

Penile curvature rarely requires any of those things. And, it is almost never a “disease” or caused by a “disease”.

If you are suffering from Peyronies disease, penile curvature, even a severely bent erection, 99.99% of the time you can most likely straighten your penis very easily with simple, safe, correct penis traction. No surgery, injections, or drugs needed.

Correct penis traction is not only the #1 Natural choice. It has been clinically proven to be the Safest and Most Effective of ALL available choices.


Correct traction is now medically endorsed and recommended in 29 countries worldwide.

Why I Picked X4 Labs
Over 23 Other Available Devices

OK. Now, if you are going to use correct traction, you need a traction device.

Let me warn you:

There are a lot of different ones out there. 23 by my last count. I’ve seen them all. Most of them are junk.

You want to be sure you get a high quality device so that you get not just the most effective straightening, but also, the safest straightening.

That’s extremely important.

If you buy a cheaply made device, made with inferior materials, it can injure you permanently.

The cheap dangerous devices only cost about $100 - $150 less than the best ones in the world.

Don’t cheap out here. Take care of your penis properly. You only have one. And, if you injure it severely, you will regret saving that $100 for the rest of your life.

Get the best available.

Very simply:

"I have chosen three of X4 Labs penis traction devices
over all the other manufacturers

I have found them to be
the finest penis traction devices made."

Here's why:

The Leader In Penis Traction Devices

X4 Labs is the leader in penis traction device manufacturing. They set the bar for quality that the other companies try to meet.

x4 labs peyronies professional penis traction straightening device

If you will just take a close look at the three X4 Labs devices I find best, and compare their quality to anything else on the market today, I think you will agree.

The only other company I found to meet all of my personal requirements for Effectiveness and Safety was Quick Extender Pro. They are very fine also.

I have found X4 Labs to be the leader in traction device technology for these reasons:

1)  The quad system (that holds your shaft in place during the traction process) is totally innovative technology. It surpasses anything else I have tested in both strength and comfort with their exclusive Memory Foam padding.

    No two penises are the same. With their Wide Girth Base and Mini Support, they can offer options that no one else can.

x4 labs quad system

2)  The construction of the unit itself is from the highest quality materials.

x4 labs luxury gold with infinitefit quad system

3)  You get the finest most efficient tensioning springs. 3600 grams.

4)  Their units come with The Best Guarantee.

Here’s Why You Can Feel Confident With Their Products

 -  When you buy a product, you should have the best product available.

 -  You deserve to have one that works the way it is supposed to.

 -  You should have a real guarantee.

That is what you get with X4 Labs.

If you feel the same way as I do, about getting the best product and a true guarantee of results, I believe you too will be very pleased and satisfied with your purchase of one of the X4 Labs top quality penis traction devices.

Be Well.....

~ William

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