It’s Easy
Straighten Your Penis


You Can Do It SAFELY

without surgery, injections, or drugs

straighten your penis


 -  99.99% of the time
you can straighten your penis easily.

 - You can have a great straight strong erection again.

 - And, not subject yourself to the risks, extremely high costs,
 and possible hideous after effects of surgery, injections, or drugs.

It’s Not A Medical Problem

When you are wanting to straighten you penis you do not have a medical problem 99.99% of the time.

So, why use an extremely expensive medical treatment when you don’t have to?

Shouldn’t you save those kinds of treatments for when they are absolutely necessary?

Especially when the method clinically proven superior to any other method is also clinically proven Safest AND Most Effective. AND: Is the one that you can do by yourself for only about $400?

Sometimes The Least Expensive
Proves To Be The Best

In this article, I’m going to get directly to the point.

Does $400 sound like a good deal to straighten your penis? An Amazing deal?

Especially when this method has been clinically proven to be the Safest and Most Effective method to straighten your penis?

I think so.

So let’s compare the costs.

Let's Compare The Costs

 >  A straightening surgery will cost you about $16,000+ and could possibly leave you impotent. Or, unable yo get an orgasm. Or maintain a decent erection. To me this is a terrible choice!

 >  A set of the only FDA approved injections used to straighten your penis will cost you about $30,000 (yes, thirty thousand dollars!).

And these super expensive injections have proven only about 30% effective at best! And, only work with certain men.

To me, that’s another terrible choice. If you spend $30,000 to straighten your penis, I'm sure you're going want more than 30% results.

 >  Or, what about the oral treatments that may be used to straighten your penis? They will cost you in the $3,000 - $8,000 range and maybe do nothing for you? Yeah, that's correct, possibly nothing. Do you then get your money back? Good luck!

 >  Now, how about $400 for the clinically proven Safest and Most effective method available to straighten your penis? It is called: Correct Penis Traction? And, what if it comes with a money back guarantee? Does any other method offer that? NO!

It’s amazing! And, a high quality traction device is all that is needed to effectively straighten a penis 99.99% of the time.

Yes, almost any bent penis. No matter how ugly, hideous, or horrible it may look to you right now.

It gets even Better:

This $400 method is:

medically endorsed and recommended
in 29 countries worldwide!

Give Yourself The Best Possible Option

When you want to straighten your penis you want the most effective safest method possible at the best price.


That’s what I wanted. AND, that’s exactly what I found.

Penis traction has proven to be just that for 99.99% of men with a bending erection.

“No matter how severe the bend,
or even how much pain and temporary impotence it causing:

correct traction has proven to be
the Safest and Most Effective option
99.99% of the time.”

Let me ask you just this one question:

If you are in any kind of doubt, since it only costs about $400 for the best units in the world, and since the traction devices I will show you come with a full money back guarantee, doesn’t it at least make sense to try traction first?


What do think?

Are There Any Drawbacks?
Downsides With Traction?

Yes. There is one. Nothing is perfect.

Traction takes a little time.

A good six months or so. And, you have to be diligent with your practice.


    -  Simple

    -  Easy

    -  Painless

When done correctly.

But: You have to do it to get results.

You can’t just leave the unit in the box and expect it to work for you.

Surgery Is Faster

BUT:  Penile Surgery Is Very Risky

When you want to straighten your penis, Penile Surgery is the fastest method. And, before 1994 (when traction first became available) penile surgery was the only method that was getting real results.

With a penile surgery of this type you are in the hospital a few days, and, then in about 6 weeks you are back in action.

If, all goes well.

That’s a definite “if”.

And, you’re out about $16,000.

Oh yeah, did I mention: You also face the possible risk of being impotent or unable to achieve an orgasm afterward because of all the nerves that were cut?

But, if that’s OK with you, that’s the fast way.

Too much of a risk for me.

To me traction is what made sense. You get none of the possible surgical side effects, and, you get guaranteed results.

My One Major Warning To You
You Are Going To Straighten Your Penis

I can’t let you go yet, without letting you know the one major risk with traction devices:

The exact same traction device that has proven best when you want to straighten your penis is also the same device used for making an erection bigger. Permanently.

So, with literally 20 times as many young men wanting a bigger dick as there are mature men wanting to straighten their shaft, where do you think most of the advertising goes??

OK. Unless you are mentally challenged, you’re with me here.

So, don’t let the ads scare you away or fool you.

AND:  Don’t be suckered into a cheap poorly made device by some smooth advertising. You could injure yourself seriously and permanently. Is $100 worth that risk?

The best units in the world are only about $400.

So, take good care of yourself and use only the best.

Beware Of
The Cheap Poorly Made Devices

Now, the big danger comes here:

There are many unscrupulous companies that sell cheaply made traction devices that can injure your shaft seriously and permanently.

Please: Don’t try to save $100 or $200 and risk messing up you cock and your entire future sex life.

Get the best unit possible. If you do, you’ll be able to get the best results possible in the safest possible way.

Only Two Meet My Requirements

I have researched all the different units out there.

There are 23 different ones you can get on line right now. They all look pretty much the same. But, they are not. The pictures can be deceiving.

Only two companies meet all of my personal traction device requirements for Safety and Effectiveness.

These are X4 Labs and Quick Extender Pro.

straighten your penis with x4 labs penis traction deviceX4 Labs

straighten your penis with quick extender proQuick Extender Pro

You don’t need both.

Either one will help you straighten your penis in the best way possible.

If you click on those two links you can learn all about both of them. See which you think is right for you.

Guaranteed Results!

In a nutshell:

If you want to use the method to straighten your penis that has been clinically proven Safest and Most Effective, AND, is extremely affordable, correct penis traction has proven to be #1.

And, with these two companies you’ll get Guaranteed Results!

straighten your penis successfully

Be Well.....

~ William

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