Will Penis Cosmetic Surgery
Peyronies Disease?

Will penis cosmetic surgery correct peyronies disease?

Penis cosmetic surgery can correct Peyronies Disease, yes.

It can also leave you impotent.


This surgery is the highest risk method
 used to correct a bent penis
 caused by Peyronies disease.


Because: With this procedure you cut many nerves that are necessary for correct sexual function. And, those nerves do not always heal the way we hope.

With penis cosmetic surgery you risk:

  • Impotence, possibly permanently
  • Inability to achieve an orgasm
  • Inability to attain or maintain an erection
  • Lack of sensation (you can count on this one)
  • Weak erections
  • Infection
  • Possible urinary problems
  • Scarring that could cause future bending

AND: your erections will be forever shorter!

Does penis cosmetic surgery still sound like something you want to do??

Can You Fix This Problem
Without Penis Cosmetic Surgery?

The question: “Can I fix my problem without penis cosmetic surgery?” is much too common.

Over 99% of the time the answer to that question is: YES!

But, why do we assume surgeries are the cure all for everything?

And, why do we usually assume surgeries are all safe and without possible serious risks consequences?

penis cosmetic surgery

First: Surgeries of any kind should be saved for when they are absolutely necessary. They can save lives. But, they all are dangerous and come with certain serious risks.

Especially those surgical procedures that require anesthesia, as penis cosmetic surgery does.

Second: Let’s understand that penis cosmetic surgery is not the only answer to your bent erection problem.

Third: Penis cosmetic surgery is not even the best way to handle this problem 99% of the time.

Is Penis Cosmetic Surgery Worth The Risks?

If you can not have sex now anyway, because of your condition, isn’t it worth a try?

NO! Not all.

Especially not when there is a better way.

“99.99% of the time
 penis cosmetic surgery is not necessary
to effectively correct and straighten
 bent erections.”

This is easy to understand when you learn about the newer medically endorsed and recommended method that has been clinically proven to be far superior.

Correct Penile Traction

”Correct penile traction has been clinically proven
to be the Safest and Most Effective method
for straightening a bent penis caused by Peyronies Disease.”

Are there are other methods besides correct traction and penis cosmetic surgery?

Of course. They just don’t work well and some can cause you more problems later on.

Let me list some of them for you:

There is massage (this one could take you years), there are penile weights, there is jelqing (a disaster waiting to happen), there are injections (again, clinically proven to be almost useless) which will increase your chances of making your bending worse in the future, there are topical creams (they can help with pain, but have proven ineffective for actual straightening).......

But, of all the methods available, only correct traction has proven to work Safely AND Effectively.

For me personally, those were my main concerns.

Correct traction is so good
that it is now
 medically endorsed and recommended
in 29 countries worldwide.

Why Is Correct Traction
Better Than Cosmetic Penis Surgery?

-   Correct traction comes with none of the possible surgical risks of penis cosmetic surgery.

-   Correct traction will not shorten you shaft as penis cosmetic surgery does. In fact correct traction may even make it a bit longer.

-   Correct traction is effective for most men. Over 99% is probably a conservative estimate.

How And Why Does It Work?

Correct traction works by stretching out the hard scar tissue inside your shaft that is now causing it to bend.

Once the hardened internal tissue can stretch as much as the normal tissue, your erections will be straight again.

That’s all there is to it!

Unlike penis cosmetic surgery, the traction process is not invasive. It does not even hurt. It just take a certain amount of time to work.

That amount of time depends on the severity of your bending, how diligently you use it, your genetic disposition (the way  your own personal body heals).

Peyronies is NOT  Really a Disease

You must understand that Peyronies “Disease” is not really a disease at all.

It’s a simple (though it can be a mortifying, humiliating, and emotionally devastating!) condition about 4-5% of us men will experience in our lives. Usually after the age of 40.

This is why it happens:

As we get older out bodies change. I’m sure you’ve already noticed that with things like  athletic ability, sexual stamina, eyesight....

We’re not quite the same as when we were 20 or even 30.

Now, this bending, which seems to have come from nowhere, actually has a real and definite cause.

It’s very simple to explain.

The Cause of Your Problem

penis cosmetic surgery is not necessary in peyronies disease

This condition seems to come on rather quickly and that is also why it seems to be a disease. It is not.

Here is what has happened in almost every case:

You had a scar/scars inside your shaft. You most probably got them during rough or excited intercourse.

It was a bending during erection that hurt, but you probably thought nothing or not much of it at the time and continued having intercourse.

You probably never thought you tore anything in there. But, you did.

More often than not, it was probably just a tiny little tear.

Well, even if that was 20 or 30 years ago, the little scar(s) that formed then remained.

As your body has changed with time, this scarring has hardened. It won’t stretch anymore during erection the way it did for so many years.

And, that is what makes your erections bend. They bend in the direction of the scar(s) that are no longer stretching.

It’s truly just that simple.

Don’t buy into the “mystery disease” nonsense. There is no mystery here. There is no “disease” either.

Why It’s So Simple to Fix

The reason this bending is so simple to fix is that all you have to do is effectively stretch the scar tissue enough to straighten out your erections.

Penis cosmetic surgery is just not necessary 99.99% of the time.

Here’s why:

You know how stretching works when you exercise, right?


The same holds true for the scarring in your shaft. Only it needs a lot more stretching.

And, it needs to be done correctly or you can make your erections bend all over the place.

The Method Was Discovered By Accident

I mentioned correct traction earlier in this article.

The penile traction device was only invented in 1994 by a penile surgeon who created it to keep the shaft straight after surgery.

His name is Dr. Jorn Ege Siana.

correct penis traction vs penis cosmetic surgery

At first Dr. Siana didn’t even know his device would be enough to straighten a bent or curved penis all by itself.

But he soon found his traction device could eliminate the need for bent penis cosmetic  surgery all together.

His device is so effective for properly stretching the penile tissue that he found a man could even increase the length of his shaft with continued use. And the results are permanent!

Highly Simple Yet Effective

This is easy to understand.

You’ve undoubtedly seen the pictures of African tribesman who stretch their lips out with bigger and bigger plates.

The same happens with the male anatomy.

For thousands of years men in some primitive African tribes and certain Mid-Eastern cultures would sit for hours every day (they didn’t have much to do back then) and hang stones (weights) from the end of their shaft to make it stretch and become longer.

It was considered a noble pass time.

Well, the same stretching concept applies to the scarring inside a bent erection.

And, it works! Incredibly well.

The beauty of using a high quality traction device correctly is that it will stretch the short hard scar tissue before any of the normal surrounding tissues.

That is why the erections become straight again.

It works very effectively. Quite painlessly. And, without the horrible risks associated with penis cosmetic surgery.

There Is One Big Problem

As you have learned, penis cosmetic surgery sets you up for all kinds of unnecessary risks and possible terrible sexual problems and outcomes.

Correct traction does not come with those surgical risks.

However: There is one big problem I have found with the traction method. It is using a poorly made device.

Avoiding Disaster

Here’s how this problem evolved:

The same traction device that can straighten almost any erection can also make a man’s erections bigger if he uses it long enough.

Those results are real and permanent!

So, guess who is buying most of these devices?...


So, here’s where the problem is caused:

Guess who is marketing them and making cheap low quality knock off devices to appeal to the sexually insecure?

A lot of companies!

By my last count there are 23 different devices out there.

- Some are top notch!

- Some are questionable.

- Some are down right dangerous.

Which Devices Are Best?

I have researched every one of them.

There are only two companies that currently make devices that meet all of my personal requirements for Safety and Effectiveness.

These are the Quick Extender Pro and the X4 Labs devices.

I have been writing on this topic for over seven years already. And still, these are the only two companies that meet all my personal requirements.


1) Both use medical grade materials.

2) Their strength and superior quality of construction becomes obvious when you hold them in your hands.

3) Their customer support is the best I’ve experienced.

4) They both come with a simple money back guarantee. Because they really work.

Don’t Risk Your Safety

If you want to gamble on risky cosmetic penis surgery, and you have $9,000 - $16,000 to throw around, that’s your decision.

But, when it comes to a proper traction device, don’t try to save $100 by buying a cheap knock off product. If it breaks while you have it on, it could be one of the biggest regrets of your life.

The Absolute Best penile traction devices in the world costs under $300. That’s it.

penis cosmetic surgery or correct penis traction?"The finest penis traction set in the world."

You can even buy a Super High Quality one for under $200.

penis cosmetic surgery or penis traction?

There’s no excuse for buying an inferior one.

If you can’t afford a good one right now today, wait until you can. Then do the job right.

Don’t risk puncturing your shaft, breaking the blood vessels in the tip of your shaft, or causing yourself sexual malfunction just to save $100.

The Three Steps
Successful Straightening

successful penis straightening without surgery

Forget penis cosmetic surgery.

Penis cosmetic surgery is just not worth the risks. It is also not necessary.

There are only 3 steps

you need for  successful penis straightening 99% of the time:

 1)  Get the best traction device possible

 2)  Use it correctly

 3)  Be diligent and use it long enough

Then, please write to me and tell me of your Success!

Be Well.....

~ William

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