Erectile Dysfunction Drugs
A Good Idea For You?

Are erectile dysfunction drugs a good idea for you?


Erectile dysfunction drugs are not the answer to temporary impotence caused by Peyronies disease.

The temporary impotence you might be experiencing, caused by your now bent penis, is usually something called psychological impotence.

And, as long as your erections remain bent, you may continue suffer from ED.

Erectile Dysfunction Drugs Are Dangerous

I know, there are endless jokes about these products. And how they are often considered to be “fun recreational drugs”.

“Recreational drugs”?  Is that insane by itself?

And yes, erectile dysfunction drugs are usually the basis of at least one joke at every party that people go to these days.

“OH yeah, he was old, with a 20 year old girlfriend, but when he pops his little blue pill...” “Ha, Ha, Ha,..”  Sound familiar?

But, these pills are not so funny to the men who had heart attacks because of them. Or strokes. Or those who went blind, or lost their hearing...

And, not so funny to their wives and families either.

The warnings about erectile dysfunction drugs are packed right inside the box. Why do so many of us think those warnings are a joke?

Unfortunately, so many of us think of these pills the same way we do of common aspirin or cough drops. A simple safe solution to an awkward problem.

They are not! They can be very dangerous.

Psychological Impotence

Will erectile dysfunction drugs work on psychological impotence?

Oh, yes. They will.

But, psychological impotence caused by Peyronies disease usually comes about because the pain, or embarrassment  associated with a bent erection causes the mind to think: “Source of pain. Inhibition.  Avoid this.” And, you become psychologically impotent.

The process of erection is inhibited to the point that you either don’t get an erection or, more commonly, you get a very weak and useless one.

Is this you?

So, now your fears get to multiply. Not only do you have a horribly bent penis, but you’re becoming impotent.

Just the fear of getting weak erections can cause you to get weak erections. It’s a form of performance anxiety.

So, many men panic and run off to get them.

Don’t Make A Big Mistake!

For those of you in this position, an erectile dysfunction drug is a big mistake.

First, because you have a badly bent erection that may already be quite useless, right?

Personally, I think using these chemical stimulants is a big mistake anyway. Besides of all the associated dangers, AND, because each time you use them, you weaken your entire sexual system.

Let’s be clear real here: When you had robust health and a normal penis, was getting a boner ever a real problem?

Is It Age or Physical Abuse?

Oh yeah, I know, we’re older now. We’re under more stress.....

Well, maybe, just maybe your body is trying to tell you something.

With correct nutrition and rest and a healthy lifestyle, almost any man can regain his sexual powers.

If a curved penis is causing your problem, get rid of the cause (straighten it) and your problem will most probably disappear.*

*Let me clarify that a bit: Straightening with a surgery can also cause impotence.

If you’re 40, or 60, you’re not going to be as sexually active as when you were 20.

But, if you stay healthy, or regain good health, you will most likely remain sexually active into your 80s and even beyond!

Erectile Dysfunction Drugs
Peyronies Disease 

We live in an age of instant gratification.

We want results right now!

Give me a pill, and let’s move forward.

Sound good!

It does to me. However:

It’s not a reality. At least not for long.

The longer and more regularly you use an erectile dysfunction drug, the greater your dependence on them will become. And, the weaker your sexual system will become.

I also believe, your entire energy level and general health will decline.

"If your bent penis is the cause
of your erectile dysfunction:
straightening your erections

will get rid of it."

With the way you are now, erectile dysfunction drugs will simply give you uncomfortable erections that may be useless anyway because of the bending.

And, then when you do straighten it, extended use of these "sexual enhancement" products may make you dependent on them.

It’s a very vicious cycle. And, unnecessary.

The Sane Healthy Answer

Please be sane about this. And, protect your health.

Realize your curved penis, or any curved penis, is easy to straighten 99% of the time. No matter how badly it is bent.

The process just takes a little time.

The method, clinically proven to be Safest and Most Effective is called correct penis traction.

A Simple Comparison

Let’s use a simple easy to understand comparison:

If you just broke your leg, you would give it time to heal before you tried running again, right?

Why? Because either you are smart or because you are forced to.

Your penis is in a similar situation. Give it the same chance.

Straighten it out, and then see the “miracles” that happen.

Be Smart

With a weak erection you can just pop a pill and get going again. Even with a deformed shaft.

Don’t be tempted.

Be sane. Be smart. Don’t abuse your health. Take care of your health. Live a longer happier life.

If you have developed impotence and/or weak erections because of Peyronies Disease, take the time to straighten your bent penis safely and effectively.

If you do, you will be able to forget about using erectile dysfunction drugs and risking all their dangers and possible horrible side effects.

erectile dysfunction drugs are not necessary

Be Well..... 

~ William

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