There Is No
Cure For Peyronies

"There is no cure for Peyronies.


Peyronies is NOT a ‘disease'."

It is just a simple, though personally horrifying, condition that is easy to resolve 99.99% of the time.

Without: Surgery, Injections, or Drugs.

Then, How Did This Bent Penis Condition
Get It’s Name?

cure for peyronies

The erection can bend up, to the side, down, in more than one direction.... It’s all the same.

This penile bending is a condition. NOT a disease. That is why there is no "cure for Peyronies".

Once you understand that, you will also understand why it is so easy to correct. If you do it properly.

Yes, I know. It is officially called Peyronies Disease. But, that is a HUGE misnomer.

Why Is It Called A “Disease”?

is there a cure for peyronies disease?

How did it get labeled a disease?

The condition was named (back in 1743) after the French surgeon, Francois Gigot de la Peyronie, who discovered what was actually causing this common penile bending in middle age men.

How It Got Mislabeled As A “Disease”

Back in 1743, medicine was just getting formally organized. If you discovered virtually anything back then, you had a really good chance of it being named after you.

Such is the case with this condition.

The first version of the name for this condition was: Peyronie’s Disease. Make sense? The apostrophe was later dropped.

At no time ever, then or now, was this condition related to any germ, bacteria, or virus or malady of any kind.

How Can There Be A “Cure For Peyronies"
There Is No Disease?

There can be no cure for Peyronies if there is no disease to start with. Right?

However: Straightening is normally very easy.

Let’s take a look now at what is really happening:

The bending is caused by some simple internal scarring.

Let me ask you this: Is there a cure for the scar on your hand? Or, the scar on your leg? Or face? Or lip?

Of course not. There is nothing there to “cure”.

Yes, you can get some cosmetic surgery to make the scar less visible. Right? But is that a “cure”. No, it’s an adjustment.

The same holds true for a cure for Peyronies. You can correct the situation. You can straighten the bending out. You don't need a "cure for Peyronies". Because there is nothing to "cure".

99.99% Of The Time
It’s Easy To Fix A Bent Penis

Yes, easy.

The #1 method is:

  • Simple

  • Easy

  • Inexpensive

  • Medically endorsed and recommended

"99.99% of the time,
you can straighten a bent or curved penis
caused by Peyronies
all by yourself,

without surgery, injections, or drugs."

The method I am talking about is called: Penis Traction.

the modern

Correct penis traction takes a little time and the right equipment. The best equipment in the world can be had for under $300.

Compare that to a risky $8,000+ penis surgery.

Sound good?

Not Everything Is Fixed With A “Cure”

A cure for Peyronies:

Let’s put that on the list with: A cure for long fingernails. A cure for dirty feet. A cure for flat tires. A cure for dirty windows.... All fixable over 99% of the time.

I don’t mean to be making a joke of the condition itself.

Developing a severely bent penis is a nightmare!

Especially when you know absolutely nothing about what is happening inside of your body.

Am I right?

It’s scary, humiliating, depressing and just plain horrible. Very painful for many men too.

But, fixing a bent penis has nothing to do with a "cure for Peyronies". And, for 99.99% of men, the straightening process can be painless, easy, and inexpensive.

When A Bent Penis
Erectile Dysfunction

A bent penis may cause psychological impotence. Have you been wondering why your erections are not so good since you got the bend?

You’re not alone.

The statistics say: “ 57% of men with a bent penis suffer from erectile dysfunction to a greater or lesser degree.”

A bent penis is no joke. And, it scares most of us who ever developed one.

So, of course we then look for a cure for Peyronies. Right?

I think what we really want is a straight normal erection again. “Cure” is not the correct word because, as you now know, there is no disease here to cure.

without surgery, injections, or drugs,
is possible for most men."

The Safest And Most Effective Way
Straighten A Bent Penis

Peyronies is a condition where you have some tissue hardened in your erectile chambers that is not allowing your erections to form normally.

That’s ALL it is. That's why we don't need to look for a "cure for Peyronies".

How the scar(s) got there doesn’t really matter. I explain that in another article if it is of interest to you.

Here’s what is important:

"Stretch that hardened tissue out enough,
your erections will become normal again."

is there a

Yes. That’s all there is to it.

That’s ALL.

If you want to call that a cure for Peyronies, that is up to you.

But, there is no cure for Peyronies going on at all. It's a simple mechanical adjustment.

You are simply stretching out the tissue that is not currently stretching enough. You are not getting rid of the scar (unless you chose a certain type of surgery).

You are simply enabling that hard tight tissue to stretch enough to form normal erections again.

Do you see how simple it is?

The most effective method is called correct penis traction.

"Correct traction
has made all other Peyronies Disease treatments
obsolete for 99.99% of men."

Correct Penis Traction
Medically Endorsed and Recommended

Yes, correct penis traction is not some alternative gimmick.

Correct penis traction is medically endorsed and recommended in 29 countries world wide.

Correct traction is recognized as

the Safest and Most Effective of all Peyronies Disease treatments.


It only came into being in 1994 with the penis traction device invented by Dr. Jorn Ege Siana (a penis surgery specialist).

One of the best devices in the entire world will cost you less than $300.

there is no cure necessary for peyronies

On the other hand, you can opt for that risky surgery. $8,000+. These are the only two methods that can straighten this bending out effectively.

Injections, drugs, enzyme therapy, “exercises”,... have all proven only somewhat effective at best.

Even the $30,000 injections have given only about 35% improvement at best. I personally can think of a lot more fun things to do with thirty thousand dollars.

The High Risk of Penis Surgery

Only correct traction and surgery have proven truly effective as a “cure for Peyronies”.

HOWEVER: With a penile surgery, you risk a lot. Including, but not limited to:

  • Impotence

  • Inability to attain or maintain an erection (due to so many nerves being cut)

  • Lack of sensation

  • Inability to achieve orgasm

  • Infection

  • Urinary problems

surgical cure for peyronies

You risk none of that with correct traction and you spend less than $300.

“Correct traction and penis surgery
are the only two methods proven to
straighten a bent penis.
They are both
medically endorsed and recommended.”

With what you have learned: Which make the most sense to try first?

A “no brainer”???

One Caution

Now that I got you all excited about penis traction, I have to give you one very important caution:

Once you start looking for a traction device on line, you will see a couple dozen different devices advertised.

They all look alike in the ads.

They are not all the same.

Please: Don’t buy an inferior cheaply made piece of junk. Study them carefully.

A poorly manufactured device can break while you use it and cause you some serious penile damage. It can also strangle the tip of your shaft and break the blood vessels there. You can have a purple tip with little or no sensation....

The savings is $100-$150. Is that worth the risk?

Be safe. Be smart. Only get one of the best high quality units. You will never regret it.

What Have I Found Best?

In my own personal research,

there are only two companies that make devices
which meet ALL of my personal requirement


Safety AND Effectiveness.

If you are interested in what I have found to be:

 >  The Most Dependable

 >  Safest

 >  Most Effective Devices

Here they are:

These two companies are X4 Labs and Quick Extender Pro.

Both are constructed with medical grade materials and both are guaranteed to work for you. Yes, guaranteed.

You don’t need both. Either one will do a fine job for 99.99% of men with a bent penis.

So, please click on those two links just above. Take your time. Read all about both companies. Then you decided what you think is best.

A Cure For Peyronies Disease?

a cure for peyronies?

There is no such thing as a "cure for Peyronies"..

Wonderful traction devices that can work effectively for 99.99% of men with a bent penis?

Yes. Definitely.

Be Well.....

~ William

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