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Peyronies Disease - 2022

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There is no cure for Peyronies disease.

Because: Peyronies IS NOT A DISEASE.

But, You Can Fix A Bent Penis
Safely and Easily

That seems to be what most of us hope for when we are told we have this problem.

But, there is no mysterious magical cure.

There is no drug, no injection, no cream or any chemical substance that has proven to correct the condition either.

But, there is a cure for Peyronies disease.

If you want to call it a “cure”.

?? What do I mean?

You Don’t Have A Disease

Peyronies Disease is not really a ‘disease”. That’s where everyone gets frightened and worried and even horrified by what is happening.

Peyronies is just NOT a disease.

It’s a condition. And, I will explain why shortly.

A very simple easy to correct condition. So there is nothing to ‘cure”. Correct, yes. “Cure”, no.

Correcting this condition is not even as complicated as fixing a broken arm.

Now, if you broke your arm, would you need a “cure”? Or, would you need a doctor to set the bones so it could heal properly?

Let’s take this even a step further in talking about a cure for Peyronie’s disease:

If your hair was growing too long, would you have a “disease”? Or, would you just need a barber or stylist to cut it nicely?

The same is true here with your penis. Yes, fixing a bent penis is that simple.

And, you do not need drugs, surgery, injections or any other such treatment.

What Is Actually Happening

This will all make so much more sense to you when you actually learn what is happening to cause your Peyronies curving penis.

You have some scar(s) and/or plaque inside your shaft on one or more of the erectile chambers (the chambers inside your shaft that fill with blood and give you an erection).

there is no cure for peyronies disease

This scar/plaque is preventing a section or sections of the chambers from stretching properly.

Your erection bends in the direction of the scar(s).

That’s all it is.

That’s all.

How Did It Happen?

The problem, most often, originated a long time ago.

This is why so many people think the bending now is a mystery. It’s no mystery.

It’s probably a small scar you got from some rough sex when you were a young man.

You probably didn’t even know you tore something inside at the time. It was probably only a brief pain during rough or aggressive sex.

Maybe in the heat of the moment you were trying to enter your partner’s vagina too fast and missed. Your erection got bent and you felt a short pain (internal tear).

This little tear healed, as all soft tissue does, with a small scar.

Then, Why Is My Penis Bending Now?

That's the $64,000 question now, right?

Why is your penis bending now?

As we age, some of us develop hardening in our scar tissue. Or, a fibrous plaque develops there. This is common.

When the scar hardens (sometimes 20 or 30 years later) it usually makes no difference anywhere else in our bodies. But, it can make our penises bend. And, bend a lot!

Anywhere else in your body this hardening usually goes unnoticed because nowhere else really requires the stretching that an erection does.

Where the hardened scars don’t stretch enough, your penis is pulled in that direction.

That is ALL there is to it!

Nothing more.

Would you call a scar on your hand, or face, or foot a disease?

Of course not!

And, neither is this.

How It Was Incorrectly Named A “Disease”

Way back in the 1700s medicine was still in the beginning stages of being codified.

Pretty much anything anyone discovered was named after that person.

Francoise De LaPeyronie discovered what was almost always causing some men’s penises to bend later in life.

So this scarring/plaque development condition was called “Peyronie’s Disease”.

That name just went on to become a complete nemesis for many a man. When all this is, is a simple internal scar from a trauma sometime in the man’s life, that had now hardened and is causing his penis to bend.

Again, it’s not a disease.

You didn’t catch it. You can’t transmit it. You don't need a cure for Peyronies disease.

You Don’t Need a “Cure”

So, if it’s not a disease, you can’t have a cure for Peyronies disease. But, you can fix it.

Let’s compare:

If you chip a tooth, do you need a cure? Or, some bonding to fix it?

This condition in your penis is truly no more serious than that.

I know, your penis looks really hideous to you now. And, for some of you there is a lot of associated pain.

Plus, it seemed like a mystery. But, now you know what caused it. And, why it took so long to develop.

The pain is not from a “disease”. It is from the scar being pulled on so hard by your erection that it hurts. Maybe a great deal.

But, if I grab the skin on your cheek, or on your arm, and pull it hard enough it will hurt a lot also. Would that be a “disease”?

Of course not.

Are you getting it now? Does it make sense to you now?

Can you understand why there is no cure for Peyronies disease?


Now, let’s get on to how it is most effectively and most safely straightened.

The “Cure” = The Correction

For our purposes here we must redefine the word “cure” in the phrase: Cure for Peyronies disease.

All "cure" will simply mean here is: “correction”. Correcting the bending.

Let’s also get redefine the false word designation of “disease” here and know that in this instance we are only dealing with a simple condition.

"Cure for Peyronies Disease" actually, in correct form, should be “Peyronies Condition Correction”.

The Different "Cures" For Peyronies Disease

There are a large number of methods currently used to try to straighten a bent penis caused by this condition.

Most of them fail miserably. And, they are generally quite expensive.

The latest is the new FDA approved form of collagenase (collagenase clostridium histolyticum). FDA approved! WoW!

Unfortunately, that really means nothing as far as great results go.

- This collagenase only works on certain men.

- It does not work if there is calcification.

- The tests were only judged effective on men with a certain amount of curvature.

-  And, even the best results obtained with this stuff, the best, was only 34% straightening. That’s 1/3 straighter.

Want to know the cost???

$26,000 plus about $3,000 in doctor’s fees!!!

Yes, one shot is $3,300. And the series requires about 8 shots.

And, if you are one of the ones it works for, it only does about a 30% correction. Want to spend $29,000 on that?

What if you could do a better job for $400?

Only Two Methods Have Proven Truly Effective

Now, there are only two methods that actually have proven to work really effectively as a cure for Peyronies disease:

1) Surgery

surgical cure for peyronies disease

2) Correct Penis Traction

penis traction for peyronies disease

Let’s look at both.

Penis Surgery as a cure for Peyronies disease
will straighten your penis, BUT: it comes with a LOT of horrible potential side effects. Some are very serious.

Like possible impotence. Yes, your penis will be straight,... IF you can get an erection.

IF surgery  does work out for you without complication, your erections will be about 1/2 - 1 inch shorter. And you will have spent about $16,000.

That’s one option.

Then there is Correct Penis Traction.

Correct penis traction, on the other hand, comes with:

  • None of the surgical side effects.
  • Has been clinically proven the Safest and Most Effective method.
  • Is medically endorsed and recommended in 29 countries worldwide.
  • Will cost you under $300. Yes, under three hundred dollars.
  • It will probably work for 99%+ of men
  • It works even if there is calcification and fibrous plaque.

Can You Answer These Questions?

Why would anyone spend $26,000 on a “cure” that doesn’t really work effectively?

Or, $16,000 on a risky surgery as a cure for Peyronies disease, that may leave them impotent, when there is a far safer superior method of straightening?

I’ll tell you the most common reasons why:

 -  Lack of proper education on the subject.

 -  Or, they are hoping for a quick fix, cost is no object, and they don’t care about the risks.

The Cure For Peyronies Disease?

happy with his cure for peyronies disease

Like the rest of us who suffered from this condition and corrected it with traction, I want you to make a sane well informed decision about your condition.

And, I want you to get the results you want in the safest possible way.

That is whole intention of this article, and this website.

So, take a look at the articles in the navigation bar on the left side of this page.

Read about all your options.

Then, I think it will be very easy for you to decide what you think your best cure for Peyronies disease is.

Be Well.....

~ William

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